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http://cgi.pathfinder.com/time/time100/poc/century.html: Now tell'em what you think about the Conspiracy and put your vote in for Bob Dobbs!!!



Ok, we have problems: a certain TIME magazine is hosting a certain "Person of the Century" Poll...ok, so what's the problem? THE PROBLEM, my friends, is that JESUS CHRIST is winning "Person of the CENTURY". This is ludicrous- Jesus, as known to even the most devout christians- was crucified centuries before the start of this century (provided he even existed). What you need to do: go there and vote 1, 2, 3, even 3,000 times for ANYONE BUT JESUS... Ideas: Vote Bob Dobbs, Chewbacca, John Flansburgh, hell, vote for fucking Hitler: just don't let them have their way! Ok, this may seem unrealistic to you right now, but if we can garner enough support we can turn the tides on these fools and show the Conspiracy what's what. VOTE "NO!" TO JESUS!!!

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