Links to Friend's Pages

Crystal's Boyfriend's Page of Fun : Internet maniac Marty Jarosinski's page full of various odds and ends (plus some MP3s) Check it out!
Crystal's Comfyland: Very nice page with some hilarious e-cards and stuff.
Ira's Page: A political-punk page- very well put together, it includes some interesting artwork and alot of intelligent political content. (he also did alot of ska album covers)
Bryan Benting's Land O FUNK: Crazy ass site with lots of eighties shit and some great graffiti pix...check it out today!
Johnny Break-it-down: Just an archive of pics of me and some friends fucking with this drunk kid named Johnny. "Eat your hand Johnny!"
Nate-Dawg's Page of Nothing: A page full of, well, nothing.
BeeShu Records (daVe Andrae): A friend of mine's record label's page. If you like eccentric, experimental, or just plain fun music then check it out.
Hospital Records (Matt "Warblob" Simmons): Another friend's label. Check it out if you are interested in noise/experimental.

Punk Rock/Hardcore/Etc. Links

Ann Beretta These guys are melodic stuff outta Richmond, VA...check out their album on Fueled by Ramen Records...
Anti-Flag: These guys play snotty pop-hardcore stuff...sometimes I laugh at their "political overkill" yet I like'em just the same.
Asinine Solution:Metal/Hardcore that'll knock you on your ass... these guys are kinda local and they kick big ass...check out their 7" on Beer City...
Atom and his Package: This guy is AMAZING!!! ORDER HIS CDS NOW!! He does a new twist on punk rock- the "band" is simply him and a Yamaha Qy-700 Sequencer machine... I saw him in Minneapolis and was amazed. Check it out today!
Avail: These guys do melodic hardcore at its finest...check'em out if you don't already love'em.
Bad Brains: Need I say more...?
Blanks '77: Some fun Oi...saw these guys w/ Quincy Punx...
Braid: Hardcore Emo stuff...I heard one song and was hooked...
The Broadways:Straight-up Punk Rock with a message...(featuring ex-members of Slapstick) these guys are rad as hell...
Charles Bronson: Amazing powerviolence grindcore...these guys'll tear your eyes out.
Coalesce: Awesome slow grindy stuff...moody and dark...I digs'em
Crass:Once again: Need I say more...?
Dead Milkmen: These guys are just crazy...I love'em though I don't know what category to put'em in...hmmm...file under fun...
Defiance: Hardcore at its finest...these guys are worth checking out...!
Downset: Hardcore hip-hop stuff- a Rage Against the Machine thing MINUS the CORPORATE BULLSHIT...very intelligent lyrically...
Dropkick Murphys: A Boston Irish-Punk outfit, these guys are really clean sounding Epitaph stuff...but they kick ass...
EconoChrist: Blazing hardcore outfit, these guys have been around awhile and kick major ass...
FYP: Smart-ass slop punk...these guys are funny and intelligent...not to mention they run Recess Records...
I-SPY: First heard these guys on a split with Propagandhi- another kick-ass slop-punk outfit, check out their discography: "Perversity is Spreading (it's about time)"
Los Crudos: Ass-Kicking Chicago hardcore in Spanish and English- these guys recently broke up :( They're "that spic band".
Minor Threat: I love these guys...hardcore pioneers, they (maybe unfortunately) invented "straightedge". If you aren't familiar with them what the hell is wrong with you?
Nuclear Rabbit: These guys play some of the most screwy funk-punk-junk i've ever heard..and they play it well...check'em out if you're bored with "the norm"
Oi Polloi: Some anarchopunk from Europe...these guys are gone but are loved by many...
Pink Lincolns: These guys play the snottiest punk rock...they rule and though they've broken up you should definitely check'em out!
Propagandhi: Political punk rawk with a sense of humor and the talent to back it up...what more do you want? (oh yeah a naked drummer too)
The Queers: These guys have been around awhile and are at the roots of pop-punk...surfy pop stuff, saw'em in Minneapolis and they kicked...
Spazz: Grindcore messiahs...hard as hell with way rad breakdowns complete with a great sense of humor...songs are short, sweet, and to the point...
...well there's too many more that I want to add, so I'll get around to it sooner or later...

Ska Links!

The Skamish Website: Some friends of ours from the LaCrosse area...very good band...
Here's your ska...Punk!: Ska show in RealAudio!
Against All Authority: Political hardcore skapunk
Aks Mamma: Fast, fun skapunk
Animal Chin: These guys are dickheads. Send them much hate mail.
Aquabats: Crazy ass ska. Catch'em live.
Blue Meanies: One of the best bands we played and funky.
Cherry Poppin' Daddies: You know'em all too well.
Dr. Manette: A smaller name band, but they have a very original sound.
Falling Sickness: Snotty punk rock with some ska hooks...
Home Grown: I don't know, they used to be cool...too poppy for me.
The Impossibles: Weezer ska. Another band we've played with...these guys fucking rule.
Johnny Socko: Silly ass ska/polka/punk rock. Fun.
Link 80: Another band we've played with...hardcore ska...
Mustard Plug: Not too bad...
Mu330: These guys are fun and friendly.
Operation Ivy: What do I need to say. The BEST and most INFLUENTIAL skapunk ever.
The Rudiments: Crusty extra heavy metalska stuff. It hurts so good.
Sam the Butcher: A newer band from arizona, these guys are great...
Telegraph: Yet another band we've played with. We love them.
Slapstick: My personal favorite ska band ever. They are now broken up.
Suicide Machines: These guys are alright...
Thumper: Kick ass dark and moody skapunk.
Voodoo Glow Skulls: Joe got his ass kicked by these guys. They hate us.
THE ATTEMPTED SKA PAGE!: This is a great page, one of the most comprehensive on the web. Mad ups to Bill Tanner.

Miscellaneous Other Links to Shit I Like

Anti-Racist Action :home of the anti-racist action organization. look for details on involvement in your area.
Friends of Mumia-Abu Jamal: If you don't know yet who he is, find out and get involved!
Emulation HQ for the Mac: I'm a mac user, and I'm into emulation...hence...
The ONiOn: A funny newspaper thing...definately worth checking out.
Red Meat: A funny ass nostalgic-looking comic by Max Cannon.
The Church of the SubGenius: The only valid religion. You can be an ordained minister for just $14.95.
The House of Fun: A rockin' page by artist and creator of Milk and Cheese Evan Dorkin. (he also did alot of ska album covers)

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