Defacto Oppression Lyrics

Suburban Sprawl

suburban sprawl claims more and more land - all these nice new houses are getting out of hand - mowed lawns and concrete from sea to shining sea - as subdivided neighborhoods replace the fields of wheat - we're looking for the countryside - where can we buy it? - we're looking for the countryside - well you're fucking LIVING on it - from condo-crafting assholes hacking up the wild lands - to realtors in office selling all they can - newlywed couples in their brand new neighborhoods - riding their lawnmowers on what used to be the woods

-COMMENTS- the suburban sprawl is an increasingly growing problem throughout the world- mother nature being swallowed by bulldozers which in turn only puke up's natural wonders are a mere shadow of their former self and as human population steadily increases, humankind's self-destructive tendencies chip away at the small remaining block we call nature...


for two million years we've walked the earth - living our lives and giving birth - to children in the hopes that they would see a better day - in that time we've killed each other - poisoned our land and raped our mother - for the sickening greed we call "human nature" - we're digging our own graves - and soon we're going to lie in them - people think so much has changed though it's really remained the same - and we often wonder just how long it's going to last - we've survived countless wars and revolutions - only to die from the pollutions - which we trade for convenience and luxury - the world speeds up exponentially - straight into catastrophe - and people with power fail to do anything about it - so as long as the cash keeps flowing - and personal estates keep on growing - nothing short of an act of god is going to stop it

-COMMENTS- this song's commentary is obvious and can be easily summarized as this: human life simply can NOT sustain itself much longer, diving head first into complete self-destruction due to the greed of the many and the apathy of the powerful...for more info loosely related to this subject check out the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn which and be ordered here

It's the Drugs, Doug

dependence - disembodiment - substance controlling your life - abusing - misusing - the freedom of life should not lead to control - drugs are not wrong but their influence in strong - respect what you put in your body - addiction is real personality it steals - my friend i cannot watch you fall

-COMMENTS- this song's title was pulled from a venom interview and basically says that drugs and alcohol are fine until one lets them inhibit their productivity (much in the way TV works...)

It's not that Simple, Dude

so i've written a few songs - less than lots but more than most - basically they just express the things i've always known - i haven't experienced alot in eighteen years - and in this game of life i find i'm wet behind the ears - so i try to keep on learning - try not to be nieve - to challenge demogogue solutions to the problems that may be - i see so many people with manifestos in their hands - claiming simple solutions to the problems in all the lands - people think they're thinking different - but they're thinking the same - dogmatic bullshit seizes up their brains - say you want to free yourself from your cage - then it's off every morning to think the same way again - try to keep on learning - not to be nieve - it's not that fucking simple - can't you fucking see?

-COMMENTS- this is more of a personal song for chris but says alot of things that everyone can relate to- the main point being that people need to continue their strive for knowledge and solidarity, remaining incontent with the hands they are dealt....

Locked Away

millions of animals locked away - factory farms (animal death camps) grow bigger every day - have you seen it with your own eyes? - piled masses, rotting, diseased, and dying - as we sit back and consume this genocide - every year more and more are bred to be slaves - more animals eaten by walking talking human graves - veal calves captive chained and bound living short painful lives until their blood stains the ground - test new glitzy products in animals' eyes - richer fuller hair at the expense of another's life - it seems to me our lifestyles are fucking insane - are the products we buy worth all this pain?

-COMMENTS- the obvious. you've heard it all before, and yet, the rape and onslaught continues. so many put human life above all other animals, not realizing the pain and suffering they endure..for more info on this topic and ways to get involved check this out