This webpage presents information on Traditional Reiki/spiritual counseling and nutrition, (BioSan™ nutritional products.) I am Cory Nelson Rodgers, Reiki Master. I have offices together with my partner in La Crosse, WI. USA. My experience and profile/philosophy are explained in the pages. I have 13 years in Reiki, 9 years a master and am a member of The Reiki Alliance. I bring over 22 years of metaphysical/spiritual studies into my work. Reiki is very important in my life and I value my traditional master training, and the energy that is the final result.

I hope you will take some time and browse through to learn more about me and our traditional approach to Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Takata/Furumoto lineage. I am now offering Master Long Distance Reiki healing and phone counseling by appointment only.

The Omni Technique™

As of December 28, 1998, I have registered Omni Reiki® and The Omni Technique™ - The
Original-Complete Reiki Energy Technique™. My purpose is to differentiate the original
system/form of Reiki, as we are offering in our classes and to our clients, from all the
contemporary/newage versions of Reiki that are being offered by non-traditional teachers. I
want to keep the purity of energy and integrity/form of the original energy of Reiki as
brought to the western world by Hawayo Takata. Omni Reiki® is that technique.