Ok I only have two RealAudios to put up right now but I'll be adding more and more so don't forget to check back once in awhile...what we do have are two tracks off the cd, one being the first song we ever wrote (the Playground) and the other just another random pick (Alternateen) To hear'em you gotta have a RealAudio player and if you don't...ask around...

So here's the sounds of the Skidmarx (RealAudio):

Alternateen: This is a song for all you Mtv culture robots out there...
The Playground: This song deals with some personal stuff...it's also the first one we ever put together (Thanks Chad)

Here's some stuff from bands we're friends with (off of the Bunker compilation we're on):

Ring of Fire by Andy Freeburg: A hilarious cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire", Andy does the regular version, then the "pervert version"...
Another Cop Song by USV: A song by LaCrosse hardcore group USV , this one's worth the download

So here's the dirt

We have a CD available for only four bucks plus postage or if you'd like to obtain "A Bunker Compilation" which we appear on also with Challenge the Gods, United Super Villains, Rev. Austin, Norm's Headache and more drop me some email or else ICQ me @26364510